Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today, I'm grateful that I am bilingual. I can understand and speak Chinese (Cantonese and passable Mandarin). I grew up watching both English/American/Western and Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin television shows and films. I learned Chinese through TV and karaoke (believe it or not). I think being bilingual is one of my secret weapons. I'd feel "wrong" if I only knew one language. I could elaborate on wrong, I'd feel inadequate if I wasn't bilingual. That's not to say I don't think people, who only speak one language, are inadequate. I just love the fact that I could have a private conversation with a friend in Cantonese if I need to.

Granted, my Cantonese is not very strong, but I'm practicing now and I feel more confident in using colloquialism and curse words. This opening theme song from My Fair Princess is one of my favorite song lyrics from a television show. It's one of the best lyrics in general, because there is so much depth and beauty encapsulated in the words. Thank you sky, thank you land, thank you destiny for allowing us to meet. How can you not be swayed by such poetry? I'm in awe of these beautiful words and I always knew the meaning behind them, even when I was young.

I grew up watching this show when I was in elementary school. Can't believe I'm 20 years older and still listening to the same song. Not only am I 20 years older, so are Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin, Fan Bing Bing, etc. How time flies? I am grateful to remember the show fondly, to recall how it taught me about the Qing Dynasty, about love, family, friendship, happiness, struggle, pain, anguish, sadness. The lyrics really express all these themes so elegantly and articulately. I'm grateful that I'm alive and it was my destiny to meet you, whoever you are, we are destined to be in each other's lives. Someday.

  • 感谢天 感谢地 感谢命运 让我们相遇
  • gan xie tian gan xie di gan xie ming yun rang wo men xiang yu
  • 自从有了你 生命里都是奇迹
  • zi cong you liao ni sheng ming li du shi qi ji
  • 多少痛苦 多少欢笑 交织成一片灿烂的记忆
  • duo shao tong ku duo shao huan xiao jiao zhi cheng yi pian can lan de ji yi
  • 感谢风 感谢云 感谢阳光 照射着大地
  • gan xie feng gan xie yun gan xie yang guang zhao she zhuo da di
  • 自从有了你 世界变得好美丽
  • zi cong you liao ni shi jie bian de hao mei li
  • 一起漂泊 一起流浪 岁月里全是醉人的甜蜜
  • yi qi piao bo yi qi liu lang sui yue li quan shi zui ren de tian mi
  • 海可枯 石可烂 天可崩 地可裂
  • hai ke ku shi ke lan tian ke beng di ke lie
  • 我们肩并着肩 手牵着手
  • wo men jian bing zhuo jian shou qian zhuo shou
  • 海可枯 石可烂 天可崩 地可裂
  • hai ke ku shi ke lan tian ke beng di ke lie
  • 我们肩并着肩 手牵着手 手牵着手.....
  • wo men jian bing zhuo jian shou qian zhuo shou shou qian zhuo shou .....
  • 踏遍天涯 访遍夕阳 歌遍云和月
  • ta bian tian ya fang bian xi yang ge bian yun he yue