Saturday, February 24, 2018

I feel like I'm floating on a cloud... Take me away.

Year of the Dog

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." ― Seneca


It's Chinese New Year, which is always a reminder that with new beginnings come new opportunities. I find myself reminding myself and then I completely forget and fall into old patterns. This is why I try to write as a form of therapy, to express myself, to vocalize my thoughts and remind me of things that are meaningful to me. Self motivate, self improve, self love. May this year bring you happiness, health, prosperity and lots of cute puppies!

Note to self: need to finally figure out how the Chinese calendar works. Maybe someday I will. It's so complicated.

A Waltz for a Night

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts
Let me sing you a waltz
About this one night stand

You were for me that night
Everything I always dreamt of in life
But now you're gone
You are far gone

All the way to your island of rain
It was for you just a one night thing
But you were much more to me
Just so you know

I don't care what they say
I know what you meant for me that day
I just wanted another try
I just wanted another night

Even if it doesn't seem quite right
You meant for me much more
Than anyone I've met before
One single night with you little Jesse
Is worth a thousand with anybody
I have no bitterness, my sweet
I'll never forget this one night thing
Even tomorrow, in other arms
My heart will stay yours until I die

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my blues
Let me sing you a waltz
About this lovely one night stand

I'll never feel lonely, knowing there is hope out there. Hope is a powerful thing. I have hope to keep me company tonight.

But in other news, today is a heartbreaking day. My heart goes out to the victims of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Really looking forward to Season 4 of Mozart in the Jungle. I somehow got so distracted last year, I didn't fully watch Season 3 and now I'll have to start from the beginning of Season 3. Last year was particularly weird and off for me (but to be honest, which year hasn't had its trying months), I managed to lose sight of this incredible show. I miss the story, the characters, the spirit of the show and the incredible music and creativity. No matter how lost, numb or empty I may feel at times, I'm always open and grateful to discover anything new. That is really the most inspiring thing about being alive.

Yesterday, I attended the Season Four Release Party at National Sawdust (thanks to Facebook events). I've now learned about musicians, singers, composers involved in the show and I'm looking forward to discovering more of their work.

Performers will include composers Caroline Shaw (a character in Season Four) and Missy Mazzoli, as well as an ensemble of musicians. Cellist Jeffrey Zeigler will perform excerpts from Paola Prestini’s “Listen, Quiet,” and Metropolitan Opera star Susanna Phillips will sing Nico Muhly’s haunting Amy Fisher Aria, “performed” last season by Monica Bellucci (“La Fiamma”) and Gael Garcia Bernal (Maestro Rodrigo de Souza) on Piazza San Marco in Venice.

I need to feel the hustle and this show embodies that to me. Getting back into it!

Alone in Kyoto

Friday, February 9, 2018

Feels like an old memory...
My own memory?
Or someone else's?
All I know is that this gives me the feels...
the feeling of wandering aimlessly.
Drifting alone...
in search of something...
Feeling the
of the rain.
Is it a memory
or a dream?
Lost in my mind
Lost in reality
Lost in this world...
In search of a compass
to guide me
to a place of safety and security
I see it over there
Is it within my reach?
Better hurry
Time is running out
It's fading
Don't let it fade away...