The Graduate

Friday, May 27, 2011


Congratulations Class of 2011!

I can't believe it's finally over! The last few weeks have been so overwhelming. I stopped blogging for a month now (so awful), since I had so much to do. The weeks leading up to graduation were consumed with thoughts of what dress to wear?! I know, how deep and profound? But I really wanted to pick a great dress to signify the end of an era. I wanted this dress to make a statement. Okay, I know there's only so much a dress can express, but I've been re-watching Project Runway, so I'm all about the clothes right now.

A few months ago, I read a great article by Refinery29 on What to Wear to Graduation. I absolutely needed some guidance and advice on picking a great dress for this ceremonious event. I was instantly mesmerized by the first dress in the article, this dress was picked for The Future CEO. I just fell in love with the color and the pleats. I knew that this was the dress I wanted to wear as a college graduate. But then I told myself, "hey this is the first dress you've seen, take a look around and maybe you'll find another one." So I looked around ASOS and fell in love with other dresses too, but I knew the bright coral tailored dress with pleats was perfect. Did I make the right choice? I know graduation is all about the cap and gown, but I wanted a bright colored dress!

I wasn't expecting much from the graduation ceremony, all I really wanted was to take photos with my friends. The moment leading up to walking on stage and receiving the fake diploma was quite exciting and then the moment died. After the three hour ceremony, we made our way outside, but I couldn't locate my parents. I got through to Shy and we got a few photos together and then I found my parents. It was a huge mess. There were people everywhere and it was noisy and the buses were trying to drive through a sea of chaos. By the time, I found my parents, Shy had left. I was heartbroken. I'm so glad Jonalyn came to the ceremony and we got a photo together. And before Caro left, we took some photobooth photos.

Congratulations graduates, it's finally over and now to the next chapter of our lives. I hope and want to make it to my friends' graduation next year! Now I can only hope to find a job soon and ultimately find a job that can offer me work sponsorship - that is my ultimate challenge.


Friday the 13th

Friday, May 13, 2011

friday the 13th

One more week till my college days are over. It's hard to believe that everything is really coming to an end. I remember this time last year when I was saying how I can't believe I only have one year left and now I have one week left. Graduation is in two weeks, so I have to decide what dress I want to wear! I still have to work on some finals, so this weekend I'm going to have to buckle down and whip down my final works. Not only have I been preoccupied by the fact that it's nearly over... I feel slightly lost and empty inside - that's why I haven't been blogging much. Generally, I am excited to leave and start anew in New York City, but I can't help but feel lost... empty... uninspired. What a time to feel uninspired, when I'm about to leave San Francisco? I should be cherishing every moment and capturing them, but I just feel so empty.

I've been falling behind my posts and reading blogs, which is causing this wave of negativity, but I will overcome it, because I have to. I have no choice, these are my final weeks in San Francisco and I'm going to enjoy myself. Today is the 13th, which means this time next month I will be in New York. On Tuesday, I handed in my one month notice. I've been selling my clothes at Crossroads and Buffalo to reduce the amount of stuff to ship cross-country. I have to start packing things and tossing out things, so I don't leave it till last minute. My parents will be visiting and attending the graduation ceremony and then we'll be visiting L.A. for three days. I've never been to L.A., but I'm excited to finally see and experience it. We're going to go on the Universal Studio tour and I've always wanted to see the Hollywood sign. How cliche of me?

I guess it's really starting to hit me. I feel trapped between feeling underwhelmed and overwhelmed. I'm feeling everything and nothing at the same time. What saddens me most is saying goodbye to my friends. Of course I'm going to be sad and I might be a wreck when we say goodbye, but I know that it isn't goodbye forever. Because at the beginning of the week, I had this brilliant idea of visiting San Francisco in July. I've applied to 50+ jobs since early April and I haven't heard back from anyone, I'm still applying to jobs and hopefully by the time I get to New York, I can at least get hired to do freelance jobs, so hopefully I'll get some pay and I'll save up and fly to San Francisco. I know this plan really depends on me finding a job and getting paid, but I am confident that I will get a job from Craigslist. Of course my main goal is to find work sponsorship and I will, but for now, I just need to earn some money. Wish me luck!

Hopefully before the semester ends, I can squeeze in some photo shoots with Caro. Sadly, she's leaving early, which saddens me. I hope we can spend some time together before she leaves! I'm going to miss that girl so much. After graduation, my parents and I are going to L.A. on the 29th and coming back on the 1st and Shy leaves on the 31st, which means I'll be saying goodbye to her before she leaves. I really don't want to think about it, but I can't help it. Once classes are over, I'm going to spend some quality time with my friends! I love you guys so much. Must work on finals, catch up on blogs and return comments!

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day
happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving and wonderful mothers out there. And to my amazing, beautiful, inspiring and always stylish mother. I love you.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

shades of yellow

Yellow is the color of optimism and hope. More importantly, yellow was the color of my boarding school house Hemsted (woo, go Hemsted!), so yellow will always have a warm place in my heart. But for the longest time, I never use to wear yellow. Last year, I rediscovered my love for yellow when I found an adorable canary yellow '60s dress on Etsy, which Shy got for my birthday and I wore it on New Year's Eve. Now I cannot get enough of canary yellow, lemon and everyone loves mustard (in love with my JNBY dress). Speaking of yellow dresses, I can't help but think of Kate Hudson's stunning dress in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and she wore another beautiful pastel yellow dress by Versace at the Something Borrowed Premiere. Now who's interested in that movie? Another early summer chick flick, perfect movie to watch on the plane.

I do have a soft spot for yellow and canary diamonds and citrine, which is definitely a lot more affordable and I love this lemon rough cut crystal necklace from brideblu on Etsy. I also love the pops of yellow in the 2009 RTW collection of Band of Outsiders with Kirsten Dunst. This one is my favorite look and I want to recreate this look, once I've found a nice yellow t-shirt. I also love craspedias, which are a beautiful shade of yellow and they have been very popular on the rustic/vintage wedding scene.