Tuesday, May 3, 2011

shades of yellow

Yellow is the color of optimism and hope. More importantly, yellow was the color of my boarding school house Hemsted (woo, go Hemsted!), so yellow will always have a warm place in my heart. But for the longest time, I never use to wear yellow. Last year, I rediscovered my love for yellow when I found an adorable canary yellow '60s dress on Etsy, which Shy got for my birthday and I wore it on New Year's Eve. Now I cannot get enough of canary yellow, lemon and everyone loves mustard (in love with my JNBY dress). Speaking of yellow dresses, I can't help but think of Kate Hudson's stunning dress in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and she wore another beautiful pastel yellow dress by Versace at the Something Borrowed Premiere. Now who's interested in that movie? Another early summer chick flick, perfect movie to watch on the plane.

I do have a soft spot for yellow and canary diamonds and citrine, which is definitely a lot more affordable and I love this lemon rough cut crystal necklace from brideblu on Etsy. I also love the pops of yellow in the 2009 RTW collection of Band of Outsiders with Kirsten Dunst. This one is my favorite look and I want to recreate this look, once I've found a nice yellow t-shirt. I also love craspedias, which are a beautiful shade of yellow and they have been very popular on the rustic/vintage wedding scene.


  1. yes! the yellow submarine! love those sandals. and I love anything map/globe related... oh and yes I LOVE mustard. but am trying to branch out into canary and other lemon-y shades as well... =)

  2. i love yellow! i try to paint my nails yellow whenever i can (:

  3. my absolute most favorite color! yellow makes me so happy! great selection of things, & i aaaaadore the 60s dress that Shy got you. Do you have photos of you wearing it? I'd love to see! It's perfection.

  4. yellow has always been my favorite color even though i dont ever wear it. there's something so cheerful and wholesome about it! everything you posted here is making me smile <3

  5. Okay, I canNOT pull off yellow to save my life. (It's one of the few, the very few, negatives that come with being a redhead). I look sickly and terrible and people wonder how someone let me walk out of the house like that. (which is also why I've probably only worn it less than a handful of times.)

    Then there is my sister: yellow is her favourite colour. So, she wears it (clothes, nail polish, sunglasses, etc), painted her room and furniture in it, her bedspread has yellow. EVERYTHING.

    However, your post has just showed me the blindly obvious fact that: there are ways to incorporate such a fun, summery, happy colour into my life. Case(s) in point: the globe, the necklaces, that purse, the COFFEE MUG! ♥ ♥ ♥ , the pillow, and those shoes. Which sums up THE MAJORITY OF YOUR LIST! So much ♥ :)

  6. Vamoose necklaces= ♥♥♥

  7. I love yellow! love to wear it. our school uniform had a yellow shirt...
    I want that globe, I wish it was a lamp! I've been wanting an awesome globe lamp for awhile

  8. yellow is so bright and cheery that's why these items are so likey!

  9. LOVING this collage! :D Canary yellow is just such a fantastic happiness-inducing color. And YES, I totally agree with you on Kate Hudson's dress in that movie. It looked so slinky and fabulous on her! And well, she's got such a sparkling personality that goes with that as well.

    Haha I'm not actually from HK! :) I'm from Singapore! But my photos were from when I visited HK last year...

    Wow, how do you create these collages anyway? Do you just store lots of images of stuff that you happen to see online??


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