A History of Errors (Why Didn't They Laugh)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

This week, I was in desperate need of intelligence, wit and laughter.

I love discovering (new) comedians and on Friday, Owen Benjamin appeared on the YouTube homepage for me. I've been telling my friends about him ever since. I'm in awe of people who are so in tune with the human condition, who can turn the dark side of life into pure comedy genius. I love that I will periodically discover new comedians, I prefer this to constantly being bombarded by them like on Netflix. Why? Because I'm really picky. Let's just say I'm selective. I'm selective with my friends, I'm selective with the men I like, I'm selective with my comedians.

I'm not a comedy slut. I don't laugh at any and every joke. I appreciate thought, craft and intellect when it comes to comedy; whether it's standup, improv, sketch, etc. There is just so much comedy out there, it drives me insane. It's the same for any kind of medium, you just have to filter through it and find the things that appeal to you. I guess the universe decided to put Owen Benjamin in my stream of consciousness and now I feel like I found a comedian who speaks the same language as me.

His material is spot on and his sense of humor is direct, thoughtful and pure honesty. I appreciate his level of honesty. Don't fucking sugarcoat it, why bother? People can be so sensitive and I think it's better to face the ugly truth than cower behind a fake facade of bullshit! There is just so much bullshit in the world, it's nice to face it and confront that shit! I was never the most confrontational person, but over the years, I've been training myself to face the music. I'm slowly getting there.

Comedy helps me. It's my therapy. It's gives me new perspective and it makes me want to be a better human. I guess that's why I admire Woody Allen. Despite his controversies, he is still creating. As an audience, I choose to respect that and separate his personal life with his craft. Who doesn't have controversies in Hollywood? It's a dark, dark, dark and fucked up town. Both men and women have dark secrets and some may come out and some may be kept hidden in the dark forever. Well, whatever happens in life, I just want to laugh once in a while. If the comedy is quick-witted, intelligent, smart, honest, well, then I need it in my life!