I'm Listening

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Life has taught me to be resilient. I value all the lessons that have shaped me to be the person I am today. I may never be the exact person I want to be and I may never achieve everything I want out of life, but I am not discouraged. In fact, it fuels me and drives me further to something I would consider success. I think self motivation in itself makes me feel more self fulfillment than a huge bank account. Although, a healthy balance would be very helpful in order to give back. I don't think financial success is the end all be all. I think people put too much emphasis on fame and fortune and not enough on caring about the world and people around us. In that sense, I believe society has become so jaded by capitalism, greed and corruption and obsessed with celebrity culture.

I wholeheartedly believe in the universe and my ability to be a good person. I truly believe in humanitarianism and altruism. In fact, I believe it in so much, I think that's the reason I'm alive. If I continue on the path of being kind and hardworking, I trust the universe will give back. I trust the infinite possibilities of time and space - the atoms, quarks, cells and molecules that make up everything. There has to be some meaning behind it all - or else how and why are we here? What is the purpose of it all? But alas, we may never know the reason or meaning behind life. As humans I think we're plagued by the uncertainty of life. This causes us to be restless and frustrated by our lack of understanding. This is why I feel like it's my mission to understand and gain the knowledge to hypothesize the meaning of life and why is life worth living.

If we're here, we should cherish our lives and each other. Treat each other with compassion and dignity. We are all here at this very moment and we share the planet, that's why we should care and treat it with respect. Yet we have evolved to be selfish and self absorbed and I see it on a daily basis. I see that we've become impatient and harmful towards each other - mainly driven by violence, hatred and ignorance. There is such a lack of mutual understanding and acceptance of the world issues that are causing world pain and suffering. So my point is that I care a lot, if I didn't care then I'm not being me. It's because I am so acutely aware of how I feel about life, I know that there is meaning behind all of this. I can't help but be me, because I'm a hardcore ENFJ. It's in my nature to be caring and be passionate and enthusiastic. I want to encourage out of the people around me. I want to drive myself towards the pursuit of happiness and I want that for people.

I wish people would spend one second to listen to me. This is my platform and mission statement: to share and encourage and support you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are - I support you from the bottom of my heart, through the blood in my veins, to the neurotransmitters in my brain. My heart and mind are oozing gratitude and joy. I hope to share this moment with you. I'm listening.

Rest, recuperate, breathe.