Big Picture with Kal Penn

Monday, April 4, 2016

I just started Big Picture with Kal Penn and now I'm hooked. I'm fascinated by the world and how it functions and how society has created this crazy network over time. As much as I'm fascinated by science and the beginning of the universe, I want to know the world at its current state and here is Kal Penn to explain to you the big picture.

Watching this series just makes me want to have my own show to discuss this kind of data about the world. Our lives have become statistics. We're born to become a statistic and it's something we can't avoid. Statistically, we probably won't be rich or successful, because the chances of that are super slim. We will most likely be one of the anonymous people in the world who will not make a dent on this world and history of the world.

But I don't want that for my life. I feel determined to make a dent, a large dent, because I want to have the power to influence, to educate, to communicate. I feel motivated to educate myself first before I can ever reach my ultimate goal. It's important to invest time and energy into the things you want out of life, because there is only one chance. This is your chance. How do you want to take advantage of this chance? Get ready.