My Brother, Teddy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I just want to be moved by stories. I want to live life with a real sense of purpose and gratitude. I want to and need to feel alive and present. I want my life to be a sensory experience. I want to listen, see, touch, smell and taste. Sometimes we forget to really experience these senses. This is my effort to record and document everything that gives me pleasure.

On Sunday, I saw When Marnie Was There at IFC Film Center. Before the film, they screened this moving short film by New York Times Op-Docs series. It shows a simple story about a young girl and her relationship with her younger brother who has cerebral palsy. She has such a great sense of life. I felt so touched by her love and care for her brother. It reminds me to not take my loved ones for granted. I love stories about real people. I find myself so attracted to hearing what real people have endured in life. How they've suffered. How they've struggled. How they've overcome. How they've thrived.

I will start posting inspiring videos, quotes, photos, songs, poems, letters and I hope it will bring you joy, hope and optimism... to remind you that life is a beautiful experience and journey.