Fancy Food Friday #1

Friday, June 8, 2012

fancy food friday: maison premiere, williamsburg Date: Friday, June 8th, 2012
Fellow Foodie: Sasha Sabapathy
Restaurant: Maison Premiere
Neighborhood: Williamsburg (right around the corner from where I live)
Cuisine: Seafood, Oyster Bar
Grand Total: $105.60 + 15% (yep you saw right - so broke)
Dollar Oysters: Monday thru Thursday 4PM to 7PM

Dear New York foodies,

You are cordially invited to my weekly Fancy Food Friday. The goal is self explanatory: every Friday I plan on eating well and eating at different restaurants. I live in New York City, a mecca of fine dining and now I'm finally taking action... finally! Good food deserves good company and I would love to experience it with different foodies with different tastes. If you're interested, let's go!

I'd like to think that my lifestyle is a mixture of high and low brow. I enjoy fast food - I'm not joking. I love McDonald's in Hong Kong; I would literally go out of my way for their chicken thigh sandwich. Yum. And at the same time, I love good food and fine dining. I have a huge appreciation for good food and in an effort to participate in life and really experience New York, I've decided to do Fancy Food Friday. I've always wanted to enjoy good food at new restaurants on a regular basis, but fine dining is a pricey endeavor in New York or anywhere. Nevertheless, I have decided that fine dining once a week is acceptable and completely necessary.

My first companion this lovely Fancy Food Friday is Miss Sasha Sabapathy. We went to Benenden (boarding school) together, but we were never really close, since we were in different boarding houses and classes. Since she moved to New York last August, we put in the effort to hang out when weren't busy and we've actually bonded and become close - which is super duper awesome! So tonight, we indulged our bellies in fancy oysters, well actually to be precise we ordered:

1 Aphillanthes rosé (for me) - yes I'm drinking now*
1 Noelle Moratin (for Sasha)
1 "La Petite Mason" Plateau - 6 oysters, lobster (the claw!), shrimp, clams
5 (additional) Sewansecott oysters, East Shore, VA
5 (additional) Blackberry Point oysters
1 Shrimp & Andouille Gumbo

The grand total was $105.60 plus 15% tip. Ouch, but we sure did fancy as fancy as gets. Pretty damn badass if you ask me. Initially, my ideal budget per Fancy Food Friday was $25 (whoa totally under budgeted and estimated), but now I've raised it to $35-40 every Friday, therefore a grand total $140-160 a month. Actually now that I really think about it, I might have to raise it to $50 a week. So yes, tonight's Fancy Food Friday was a success. The oysters were freaking delicious. It's funny, when I was younger, the thought of oysters grossed me out, but now they're such a delicious delicacy. In a perfect world, I would want to eat seafood every two weeks, to be honest.

I have a plan for Fancy Food Friday - not only will I blog about it every Friday, I want to:
- take photos of the food (that's a given)
- take a polaroid with my foodie friend(s) of the night
- instagram, tweet, tumblr, facebook the occasion

I used to love and wear earrings all the time; it was kind of my thing, having a plethora of fancy drop earrings. But I stopped wearing them since they feel so uncomfortable sometimes. Now I've decided every Fancy Food Friday, I will wear earrings. My first FFF was a huge success and I want to thank Sasha for being a part of this series and for the great conversation and company. I look forward to bonding with people over great food in this magical city of New York. Bon appetit foodies!

fancy clothes, fancy food, fancy company, fancy life.  

* = I am drinking now. I've decided I want to start drinking wine and wine only. Apparently, rosé agrees with me and I can finish an entire glass now and feel pretty good - and not sleepy or sick. Woo, so proud of myself. Wine culture has always fascinated me, so now it's going to slowly be in a new endeavor of mine. Slowly. We'll see.

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  1. Love the idea! I was just in NYC last weekend and my friend and I went to Sushi Samba Seven in the Village. Japanese/Brazilian/Peruvian fusion and amazing setting. Price is similar to the one at Maison Premiere but worth a try! So delicious!

  2. I love the idea of this! And seafood is the perfect place to start. Dinner sounds like it was absolutely delicious and something I would absolutely be down for.

  3. Oh Avalonne, I love your comeback posts! This food friday seems amazing, I should definitely introduce something like this into my life. Your dinner sounds like it was delicious and a lot of fun.

    I also really enjoy your writing on past endeavours. And, oh. my. That video with Mikhael Paskalev is ah-mazing! (putting it her, since that post doesn't have a comment form.)

    I'm glad your back, and I hope you're here to stay. You know, at least for a while. ;)

  4. As the individual getting ready or dealing with the food, it is your obligation to ensure your food does not make the visitors sick.