A Toast to Happiness,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today is one of the happiest days of my life! Well maybe the happiest day of 2011 so far. Starting from the beginning:

Admittedly, I was feeling a little low and frustrated, because I was building a balsa wood bridge. Do you know how tedious it is to build a balsa wood bridge? The goal of the assignment was to build a bridge and see how much weight it can hold. Since I was gone for the entire duration of spring break, I asked for a two day extension. At the beginning, it was quite simple, glue the balsa wood together. No wait, at the very beginning, I had to design the bridge and then calculate how much wood is used for certain parts of the bridge. Now the mathematics part was a little complicated, since 75% of the wood is assigned for the side pieces and the rest is for the cross pieces. Back to gluing, gluing was easy, but a messy process. After all the gluing and the waiting for the glue to dry, it was time to fit all the pieces together. Building this bridge was like putting together a three dimensional puzzle. I had to figure out the joints and then cut them with an xacto knife. So there was gluing, cutting, sanding, it was quite a laborious project. By the end of the construction, I was disappointed at the results, since the joints didn't fit perfectly and I had accidentally broken an essential piece of the bridge in half and had to remedy it immediately.

I officially finished building the bridge around 4:30 a.m. I wasn't too exhausted, but I was kind of sad and happy about catching up on The Big Bang Theory. Yes, I started watching it on Sunday and finished four seasons in four days. I am a trouper or rather a t.v. junkie! I am madly and insanely in love with Sheldon Cooper and Jim Parsons. This perfect day began with finishing the bridge and catching up on TBBT and then finding out that Jim Parsons will be performing in The Normal Heart on Broadway this summer! This day couldn't be better! It absolutely made my morning when I found out that I will be in the same city as my new favorite actor Jim Parsons!

Going in to class, I was incredibly nervous and didn't want my bridge to fail miserably! Turns out my bridge performed wonderfully and held 93 pounds! Can you believe it? The bridge that I had spent a total of two days plus drying time held 93 pounds! It absolutely made my day! I am so proud of myself! (The record holder's bridge held 460 pounds, yes I know, WHOA and my class's average was 60-70 pounds). I had no confidence going into class, but my bridge really surprised me! After I left class, I had to blast Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit to celebrate this glorious achievement and occasion! Then Shy and I basked in the glorious weather! This weather doesn't come often, so I had to soak it up as much as possible. We went to Fly and I enjoyed an amazing Italian pizzetta! Yummy! Then I went to Union Square to read for an hour. It was such a perfect and lovely day! It was the best day ever!

Goodbye March! Looking forward to a busy and productive April!

Things to look forward to:
- Seeing Jim Parsons on Broadway!
- Going to the live taping of The Big Bang Theory whenever I have the chance to go to L.A.
- Growing out my hair long enough to do milkmaid braids! I've been wanting to do this since I cut my hair off in 2008. Once my hair is long, I'm going to put my hair in a chignon regularly!
- Woody Allen's new movie Midnight in Paris.
- J. J. Abrams' Super 8. I really want to know what's in those trains!!! Maybe it's the smoke monster again or the Man in Black!
- Thinking of being a Trekkie! Live long and prosper!

Finally... Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! Bazinga!


  1. I think hearing that Jim Parsons is going to be performing on stage has cemented my desire to make a trip to NYC a priority this summer. Seriously!! Amazing.

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! Bazinga!
    And HURRA! Here's to many more 'happiness' posts!

  3. Love your happiness posts Av!!!

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    Hope you have an awesome weekend darling xx

    Dakota :)

  4. I love Jim Parsons too, he's so funny! Haha my O-Chem professor totally reminds me of him. So lucky you'll get to go see him on Broadway!

  5. Wow! Great job on the bridge. It's because you were watching The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon's brilliance was transmitted to you. :)

    Vampire Weekend is always the best way to celebrate anything! :)

  6. Midnight in Paris! So exciting. I'm so, so looking forward to it. Good job on the bridge. :)