Spring Break 2011: Hong Kong

Thursday, March 31, 2011

avalonne by anne pomel

1) Miss Anne Pomel sent me this delightful illustration of me last weekend and it completely made my day! I am so completely flattered and honored that someone would draw me! Thank you so much, Anne!
2) Last week, I got a little lazy and didn't write a few posts, including Analog Sunday #4. Analog Sunday #4 wasn't productive anyway. I was asleep the whole day and then watched The Big Bang Theory all night.
3) Yes, The Big Bang Theory is my new favorite past time and I am completely obsessed with the show. I must thank Diana of our.city.lights for recommending me the show this time last year. I took her suggestion and watched a few episodes, but I didn't really get into it, although I always liked Sheldon Cooper.
4) Now I am madly and undeniably in love with Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons.
5) Spring break was a lovely break. I got to spend time with my parents and grandma. I had lunch with Diana twice at Sen-Ryo, the best Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong and Jessie the second time.
6) Met up with Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage for the first time and in Hong Kong! How cool is that?
7) Had every intention of bringing Kitty and
Chloë out and about with me, but failed since my bag isn't big enough to transport them. Also failed at photographing the landmarks of Hong Kong.
8) Got five rolls of film developed. Two are slide film and one was taken in 2008 and the other in 2009. Film is so delightful, I just wish it didn't cost so much to get developed and printed.
9) At the airport, I was offered $400 if I take the next day's flight, since they were overbooked. I said yes and then they informed me that I had to wait thirty minutes, in case there are no shows. Turns out I was able to board and lost out on $400. Sad face.
10) Watched The King's Speech again on the plane. Tried to watch True Grit, but I just wasn't captivated. Read some more Mere Anarchy. I can assure you it is a very hard book to read, but I did enjoy the story about bidding on a white truffle at Christie's and buying customized prayers on eBay.
11) Still jet lagging.
12) Still building balsa wood bridge for tomorrow, whilst watching The Big Bang Theory.
13) Hope to catch up on sleep and comments after tomorrow's class!
14) Looking forward to Woody Allen's new movie Midnight in Paris!!! Oh the poster! Although my favorite Vincent van Gogh painting is
The Night Café. Which reminds me, I still haven't seen You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger yet!!!

On this week's agenda

Thursday: Buy fresh flowers for the room. Tidy up the room!
Friday and Saturday: Find props for upcoming film shoots.
Sunday: Alameda Flea Market/Analog Sunday #4.

veronika of tick tock vintage
midnight in paris (2011)


  1. u didnt mention my birthday in ur memorable things that happened..but diana got mention twice. i'm sad :(

  2. The Big Bang Theory is such a good show! When I first started watching it (about a year and a half ago or so), I watched all the seasons available in three days with my sisters. SO GOOD!!

    I really want to see The King's Speech soon. Though, my teacher (who's a huge film buff) said that he thought it was overrated. BUT! Definitely still up for watching it. :)

  3. 1) I love lists.
    2) What a great drawing! Congrats Anne!
    3) Lovelovelooooove Sheldon.
    4) Do you know Jim Parsons appeared in Garden State, right?
    I looove that scene:
    5) So happy you had a nice break.
    6) Sorry you couldn't take Kitty & Chloë with you though.
    7) I loved the King's Speech too.
    8) I used the verb 'love' 6 times in this comment.