On the Nature of Daylight

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sometimes life is too hard to bear.

I am consumed by my fear of death and I just want to hide in my misery and agony. But today, I absolutely do not feel that way, but when I hear this music, I'm overcome by sadness. You may recognize this from Arrival. Now you may understand why I sound so solemn. This music reminds me of the themes of the film - love, loss, humanity, survival, understanding, death. How brilliantly the story was woven together by Denis Villeneuve. Today I'm still moved by this film and the music. This particular piece by Max Richter and score by Jóhann Jóhannsson (you can't forget the accents).

I'm actually in a really good mood today. In fact, it has been a beautifully glorious weekend, but I needed to take a moment to remind myself that happiness is temporary and life is fleeting. Way to be bogged down by the feeling of existentialism. My head is feeling heavy now. I think it's time for a cat nap. I still have lots to do today. I'm going to keep listening to Max Richter...

(7 hours of sleep with the help of melatonin doesn't seem quite enough, especially after the crazy 2 weeks that I've had.)