A Man Called Ove

Monday, January 9, 2017

Life has made us hard, guarded and irrevocably broken.

And if you don't know it, then you're probably in denial.

I think life is this complicated journey that is truly a wonderful opportunity, but we're hit by the realities and circumstances of life. We're not in control and therefore, we may be deeply unhappy by our lack of achievements and purpose. We're just these aimless species wandering the earth, bounded by space and time, with no rhyme or reason. Sounds bleak, right? So how do we learn to let all of that go and try to start the healing process? How do we learn to embrace the meaninglessness of life?

Answer: Give it meaning.

I've been meaning to see A Man Called Ove ever since it came out. And time and time again, I kept missing my opportunity. The timing never worked out or when I was in the area of where the cinema is located, it wasn't screening anymore. It was like the universe did not want me to see this film. I hadn't watched the trailer, but I had read a review at the Angelika. Ultimately, I knew this film was right up my alley and I would find enjoyment and fulfillment from this film. Now I know I must watch this film this week. It's my number one goal.