Hope Brought To You By Russell Brand

Monday, December 26, 2016

I think Russell Brand is on another level.

I appreciate his intelligence, insight, humor and approach to life. I have such a huge admiration for this human being. As much as I enjoy his vulgar act as a standup comedian, I feel very connected to his Trews YouTube Channel. I'm learning so much from his work, his stance and world views. This human is so in tune with what is going on. He brings it beyond journalism; there is a level of acknowledgement of psychology, philosophy, social justice, political agenda, spirituality, etc. I think there needs to be more understanding and acceptance, especially in this day and age. We, as a society, are struggling to find reliable sources of information and we turn to pop culture for instant gratification. And in my mind, I think Russell is the opposite of that and exemplifies intellect and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

Thank you, Russell for your insight. I will continue to tune into The Trews.