Can't Handle This

Friday, October 21, 2016

Introspective. Thought-provoking. Damn hilarious.

Make Happy was delightfully surprisingly. One average Sunday evening, I was compelled to watch Bo Burnham's new comedy special on Netflix. No one had directly recommended it to me, the sudden interest came out of thin air. As I pressed play, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. The first few minutes were questionable. "Is this the type of comedian that will make me laugh out loud or make me press stop and never think of them again?" I'm glad my attention span persisted and I'm thankful because this show was so special. Nowadays "special" has such a negative connotation, but I mean it in the most sincere way. His sense of comedy and social commentary have so much thought and intellect. Not everyone is going to like Bo Burnham's comedy style or performance, but I was entertained; it made me think and laugh and cry. That night, I watched all three of his comedy shows back to back. I will never be the same.