Have We Reached the End of Physics?

Monday, February 22, 2016

"Why is there something rather than nothing? In most in the multiverse, there is nothing. And we live in one of the few places, where the laws of physics, allow there to be something."

I love listening to TED Talks on my commute. I just wish I could write notes, so I can really remember the subject and key points. I just know I'm so fascinated by physics and science. I'm so curious about our existence and how and why we're here. We are made up all atoms, molecules, cells and we're this being that exists on a planet in a solar system, in a galaxy, in the universe. On top of living in a universe, there could be parallel universes, alternate existences out there. I'm here typing on this silver Mac Book Pro. In another universe, I could be typing on a gold Mac Book Pro. Well, Mac Book Pros don't come in gold, but you see my point.

I hope to continue to listen to TED Talks and my other favorite podcasts. I'm determined to read more, listen to more podcasts and watch more documentaries. I need to invest in myself. I've got to stay motivated. Be curious. Have a thirst for knowledge. Learn and educate. I highly recommend this episode.