Sunday, January 31, 2016


"Our time is limited, we forget that."

I really need another day or two to gather my creative juices before I can articulate my thoughts again. Anomalisa reminded me to sit and think about life, the world around us, the inner workings of my brain. I feel like I haven't been present - I felt so lost. Now I need to dedicate time to feed my creative soul. I have a yearning to express myself, but sometimes I get blocked. Our daily lives become routine and we become numb by the experience. We don't have the luxury to sit and think about who we are. But existential crises are very real. We forget to address what makes us tick and why we're here and how do we enjoy it? While that's going on, there are horrors and tragedies of life that make me feel guilty. I need time. I really need time. How can I make more time? 

Nothing is infinite. Our time is limited, let's not forget that.