Limehouse Blues

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm absolutely in awe with Dick Hyman and Howard Alden's version of Limehouse Blues arranged and performed respectively for Sweet and Lowdown. Although, some people have criticized Sean Penn's faux guitar playing for being poorly synchronized with the music, but I truly appreciate the effort and months he practiced for the role. Moreover, the scene where Emmet is lowered on a sparkling crescent moon still makes me laugh so hard. What a grand and foolish idea it was! Absolutely hilarious performance from Sean.

This delightful week was filled with gypsy jazz. I think I'm subconsciously getting ready for the Winter Jazzfest Preview Showcase. On Monday, I went to Gansevoort Park Avenue to watch Stephane Wrembel (Midnight in Paris composer), but he wasn't present, his band played his music and other classic gypsy jazz music. Then I re-watched Sweet and Lowdown and fell in love Django Reinhardt all over again and then I went to Bosie Tea Parlor where they played French and gypsy jazz to suit the mood. I'm going to stay in all weekend and watch European films, read and listen to jazz and classical music.

Hurricane weekend with Bergman, Fellini, Coelho, Reinhardt and Mahler.