Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Elizabeth Gilbert: "So I wanted to make a podcast where I could take the subject of creativity out into the world and have real conversations with real people about it. And that's where Magic Lessons come from. And what are magic lessons? Road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge we need when we're feeling stuck in our creative lives."

I cannot stress how much I am in awe of Elizabeth Gilbert and her body of work. Magic Lessons is her first venture into the podcast world and I'm so hooked. She has such an effervescent personality, wise, calming, genuine and kind-hearted. That's everything I want out of a podcast host who's tackling the the subject of creativity. I watched her TED Talk 'Your Elusive Creative Genius' a while back and I was so completely inspired by her. I need to re-watch it and just watch it once a month as a reminder. Now that she has her own podcast, I know I will continue to be exposed to Elizabeth Gilbert's intelligence and creativity.

I think my 'creative genius' was laying dormant for a few years. I'm in a constant struggle to let my creativity out. Liz mentions that fear is the main reason we procrastinate. Also fear manifests itself as many different emotions. She is absolutely correct on this point. I was plagued with procrastination for the majority of my life. This doesn't mean I never had a creative thought or idea in my mind, but I was so paralyzed by procrastination and ultimately, fear. I was just so stuck with no words. Now that I have kicked procrastination in the butt, I'm ready to let my creative genius out.

In Liz Gilbert's own words, "Pursue your passions like a mofo."

I genuinely feel ready to stop making excuses and be the creative person I deserve to be. I'm ready to work hard, write hard, believe hard and be a passionate mofo. I have so much passion in me. I have a fire burning within me and I'm ready to turn that fire into creative words, photos, ideas, drawings, anything. I refuse to be stuck in life. I'm navigating my way to a creative life.

Thank you for your wisdom, Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm a huge fan. #BigMagic