Kamasi Washington

Monday, September 21, 2015

"There is no happiness without someone to share it."

Caro shared this rendition of Clair de Lune by Kamasi Washington on a Saturday night at 9:38 p.m. The moment I clicked the link, I thought to myself, "I'm alone listening to Clair de Lune, what a beautiful thing." At 1:01, when the saxophone hits that chord, the tears started to stream down my face. Then I thought, "I'm crying, I'm missing Caro, feeling alone, restless and grateful. All at the same time." I was so emotionally distraught, because I felt all these conflicting emotions. How can I feel so sad and happy at the same time. That moment will forever be a core memory.

There is something about the sound of a saxophone that hits me on every level. His music is truly magical and epic. I'm so moved by these kinds of musicians who want to create such inspiring music. We're hoping to see him at (le) poisson rouge on October 16th! Thank you for your beautiful music. I'm truly in awe.


Clair de Lune