Ad infinitum

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dear Universe,

#whyislifeworthliving is my love letter to love, life and Woody Allen. A place with the purpose of documenting the adventures of life, love, dreams, hopes. A compendium of life and its mysteries and eccentricities. Life deserves to be recorded, remembered, preserved, appreciated.  This is my effort to keep striving and fighting for my endeavors, beliefs, morals and to give back to this uncanny and extraordinary experience and opportunity we call life. This is my continual desire to live a more conscious and proactive life with a greater purpose. And to persistently and truly harness and fuel my potential. This is my pursuit of happiness. I dedicate my words, ideas and thoughts to the dreamers and optimistic argonauts, who have a thirst for life, knowledge and happiness. This moment is beautiful. We are infinite. ∞

Yours Truly,
Avalonne Hall