Sand, sea and the sky

Monday, August 3, 2015


"You don't need to be the tide to rise and fall,
you don't have to be a wave to touch the shore;
just be a little sand-grain and feel them all."
― Munia Khan

Yesterday, I put my feet in the sand and ocean. At first I was afraid. The water looked dirty and I didn't want to get my feet wet. But then I changed my mind, because I was being silly. I walked towards the water and when the tide swept towards my feet, I screamed in joy. It was exhilarating. I felt so much happiness. I have feet. I felt my feet sink into the sand. Slowly sinking. It was such a wonderful sensation. I felt the ocean water on my skin. It felt amazing. I don't know why I was even afraid. I'm alive and I need to experience everything.