Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm listening to Air, which reminds me of Arlene Shechet's ceramic and glass sculptures about breath: air moving and air frozen in time and space. Breathing keeps us alive. We're alive. We exist. What is existence? How old is the universe? How did the universe begin? We're made of particles, stardust... What are we? What is the meaning of life? Rambling ideas and thoughts. Alone. Together. Life. Death. Love. Memories. Adventures. Explore. Learn. Give back. Be kind. Rewind. Move forward.

I don't want my life to flash by. I don't want 23 years to go by without me really living in the moment, which reminds me of Interstellar and About Time. I want to seize time. I want to hold onto time, because time is precious. It's melting away and I want it back. It's slipping through my fingers. I want to go forward, whilst holding time in the palm of my hand. Balance time. Cherish time. Enjoy time. Infinite time. Don't be scared of time.

These ramblings are my genuine and spontaneous thoughts. I truly wonder and wonder about existence on a metaphysical level, an astronomical level. Relativity. Quantum mechanics. What does this all mean? Microscopic. Subatomic. Particles. Under the surface. Under the microscope. Through the lens of a telescope. What, where are the answers? Above us, in the sky? Below us, underground? Are we just a part of an elaborate dream? Or is this reality? My ramblings seem confused.

Confusion and understanding. Learning from confusion. Understanding the truth of life. When will we learn the truth? Feeling restless. Anxious and eager to understand. To find universal truth of life. To understand the human condition. I can't breathe. Need to slow down my mind. Take a deep breath. Seizing this moment and freezing it in time and space. Breathing. Being. Existing. Existing with a sense of purpose. Love every second before it's over. Don't end.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. #whyislifeworthliving