Shyness: A Film by Avalonne Hall

Monday, January 5, 2015

Today is the day, my day, to embrace your shyness, and all your fears and insecurities. Seize every opportunity. You see something, and you go for it, because life is fleeting and the universe is expanding. And one day, we’ll be long gone and at least, you will die knowing that you’ve tried. If you’re not participating, you’re only a spectator. If your voice is not heard, you might as well be invisible. Be visible: participate. Be courageous: live.

Sometimes I forget to live by the words that come from my own brain.

Shyness is about embracing yourself and being present in your life. These are themes that I hold dearly in my life, because I want to be heard as an artist and a human. I care about the world and I want to share my ideas and spread positivity. I sincerely care and at times, I get lost and become disconnected with the world around me. It is terrifying and paralyzing when you lose control of yourself. I feel a good sense of control again and now I'm pushing myself to put Shyness out there.

I feel determined and motivated and it's such an inspiring feeling within me. By the way, I hate constantly using 'I', so I apologize for that. I think it's impossible to avoid it, unless I speak in third person. See? Can't help it. My point is this film is about you, it's about her, him, anyone. I wanted to write about things I care about and express it through the medium of film. I'm not sure how successful I am in achieving that, but I can't be afraid to share it with the world. I can't be afraid anymore. I hope you aren't afraid too. We all need a little courage in 2015. We all need a little courage to embrace ourselves and push ourselves to be better.

Shyness is currently in post production. I'm looking forward to seeing a final cut within the next few months. Then I'm going to get promotional items made for the films and send them out to the amazing contributors of the project. I'm truly 100% 120% infinitely grateful to the people who believed in me and my project. You're a part of something I created. I'm infinitely grateful to the actors and crew for being a part of the entire experience. Words are not sufficient enough to accurately express the gratitude I have for you for your faith and patience in me and my project. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Be shy. Be visible. Be courageous. Be you.