American Authors

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We express our experiences as a shared unit, through music and an agreement of sound. With lows come highs and fighting always has an end. We accept struggle and are passionate about the lives we lead. We create the music that comes naturally to us and we're not afraid of change. We are thrilled about the present. We all have a story to tell, whether it's audible, visual, silence or motion. We are constantly creating new moments to share. We are American Authors from Brooklyn, New York. 

I've fallen in love with a band called American Authors after listening to Best Day of My Life on Songza. Now I'm even more head over heels in love with them after reading their About section. I just love it when musicians have so much to say and just say it or rather sing it so beautifully. I admire people who can create beauty and happiness through notes, sounds, melody and words. I think ultimately you need to be happy to create, even though you may want to evoke sadness or anger or any kind of negative energy, but you must be happy to create it or else existence would be such a daunting experience.

I feel happiest when I can cry and feel sadness. I think I am and was most sad when I felt nothing. I need to constantly feel and feel the ability to express myself through any kind of emotion. Music helps me get to a place where I can be in touch with my emotions and my soul. It just makes me happy to discover bands that are passionate about their craft and love what they do! Or else why do we struggle if we're not excited or passionate?! Have a very happy day!