2013 New Year's Resolutions

Sunday, January 13, 2013

housing works

#1. Be productive and proactive in life
I have come to the realization that without words, I'm nothing. If I'm not communicating or expressing or creating, I am nothing. Life is pretty much a rollercoaster ride of emotions, obstacles, stress, frustration. The older you get, it doesn't necessarily mean you get wiser. In order to become wiser, you have to keep educating yourself. This year, I am determined to educate myself and be a good student of life. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, as long as you acknowledge them, learn from them and then don't repeat them. Last year was a bit of a struggle for me, more so than previous years. When the clock struck 12 on January 1st, 2013, I told myself that I have to turn this year around and it's going to kick 2012 in the butt. I don't want to make excuses anymore. I don't want to feel pathetic anymore. I don't want to feel incompetent anymore. I'm on the path to becoming the person I want and deserve to be. 2013, I welcome you with open arms.

#2. Be healthy, happy and fit
2a. Exercise and lose weight.
2b. If I keep doing yoga (just went to my first ever yoga class today, it changed my life) and I start getting into shape, I would start a gym membership and start running.
2c. Maybe I will start training for the Marathon too.
2d. Eat healthily and moderately.
2e. Eat healthier snacks: more fruits, granola, nutrition bars, fruit smoothies.

#3. Take more photos with film cameras, DSLR and Instagram
3a. Take photos of pretty things, people, friends, anything. I need to keep these memories. I have so many cameras, I really need to start using them and regularly too. I will definitely start taking film photos, when I can afford to buy film and get it developed.
3b. Really interested in learning how to develop film in a darkroom.

#4. Watch more films
4a. Watch more foreign films
4b. Watch more films I wouldn't usually be interested in
4c. Re-watch all Woody Allen films in order
4d. Watch all Oscar nominated films before Oscars (February 24th)

#5. Watch less TV unless it's quality TV

#6. Walk more, take subway less, explore the city more

#7. (Re)learn French
Then considering improving my Cantonese and Mandarin, then maybe learn Italian and Japanese after, using Rosetta Stone.

#8. Learn how to play the guitar and read sheet music

#9. Read more books, poems and plays
Firstly, I need to read the books I actually own, before I purchase new ones. Then expand my library of books. Try to buy secondhand books.

#10. Read more magazines
Sadly, I can't afford to buy all the magazines I want to read, so I need help deciding which magazine to start off with it. Then when I can afford it, I'll start buying and/or subscribing to them. Option 1) The Gentlewoman 2) Lula or 3) Bullett. The rest include: TIME, The Economist, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Monocle.

#11. Go to plays, operas, the ballet, watch live jazz, musicals, exhibitions

#12. Have a bigger online presence
Using Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media platforms to promote myself as a writer, filmmaker, director.

#13. Reply to emails quicker

#14. Grow out my hair

#15. Discover new music and bands

#16. Develop and write my first feature length screenplay 
I started developing my idea for my first feature length screenplay. As of now, there is no title, but I can say that it's going to be known as Untitled Avalonne Hall Wedding Project. Hint: the plot involves a wedding! I'm in the development process of creating characters and mapping out the entire plot, once I'm pretty satisfied with the development, I will start writing my first draft.

#17. Write down my lessons
My brother told me I should write down one thing I learn every day, so I can remember them. I think this is important to remind myself that even if I make mistakes, it's okay, as long as I remember not to repeat them.

#18. Take a leap in faith and love
Last year, I was completely against the idea of any romantic entanglement. Well guess what? I got my wish (again). My wish was granted loud and clear. Well this year, I think I'm open to the idea of possibly meeting someone. Last year, it was a mixture of my having no desire to meet someone and the fact is I didn't meet a single person. So maybe I am meant to "put myself out there", whatever that means. I should be more courageous and wildly optimistic like Ted Mosby. I shouldn't "give up" on hope. My Ted Mosby is out there and he's trying to "find me" as fast as he can. I'm sending him positive vibes.

#19. Participate (speak up, speak louder)
Similar to #1, I need to participate. Charlie in The Perks says it best. I need to participate more and stop being invisible to people. I need to speak up, in fact, speak louder, so people can actually hear me. I never thought of myself as a quiet person, but apparently I've been told that I need to speak louder. Enunciate and project my voice.

#20. Be brave
Finally, be brave and courageous in anything I choose to do. Embrace the fears of failure and rejection and take a leap of faith. Because: “If you’re not failing every now and then, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything innovative.” - Woody Allen. Believe in myself more and more every day, because I deserve that. Remind myself to be grateful, when I'm having a bad day. Be innovative, be brave, be confident, be creative, be empowered. Be a better daughter, better sister, better friend, better human being.

And just breathe and feel.