Thursday, January 31, 2013


Thank you to January for treating me so well, despite the cold and an unfortunate incident that happened to me on Sunday (I won't go into details). But January was actually quite a spectacular month for many reasons. First of all, it's the beginning of a new year and I'm really taking it as my chance to really turn over a new leaf. I want and need to live consciously and once again I'm feeling so in touch with my emotions, thoughts and creativity. Secondly, my Artist Visa application got approved, thank you so much U.S. Immigration for giving me this chance to stay and pursue my dream as a filmmaker in New York. And of course thank you to my parents, my diligent lawyer and my amazing friends for all the support and encouragement throughout these months of uncertainty and anxiety. So January is over. An entire month has flown off the calendar and it's February. I'm so ready for you, February!

1. Snowing, black and white city, romantic solitude.
2. Celebrating the best day ever: January 22nd!
3. Inez's birthday dinner at Pink Pony.
4. Picasso Black and White Exhibit at the Guggenheim. Moved me to tears.
5. Bought myself a cotton branch. 
6. Kate Spade window display. So Mondrianesque!
7. More snow.
8. More snow.
9. Can one own too many books? Thanks Housing Works!
10. Christmas lights.
11. God: A Comedy in One Act by Woody Allen. Most hilarious play in the world.
12. Finally decided to decorate my (temp) room.
13. Reading about the lovely Diane Keaton.
14. Spending many writing days at Housing Works.

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  1. I love your glasses! And no, never enough books, although that's not what I say when I'm getting ready to move...