Saturday, June 2, 2012

HITS (formerly Jump into the Gospel), 5/11/2012, The Knitting Factory

Let me preface this by saying, this isn't obvious (but my friends are completely aware and now you will too), since I haven't posted on my blog in months, but since September 2011, I've been in love with a band called Jump into the Gospel. I mentioned this in the Tergiversate: Music Mix of 2011 post last December - I had fallen in love with some amazing music. I was going through a period of no new music and I was getting bored of my usual go to bands and songs. But out of nowhere, I discovered Jump into the Gospel and I became so inspired. One of the best things about following a band is discovering other bands. This happened when I was following We Are The Physics! I discovered so many other awesome bands because of them and I loved it. So I'm completely ecstatic about this band. As of last month, they go by a new name - HITS. I'm really excited about their new music and sound and I can't wait for their EP, which comes out on June 26th!

Check out their new single Madness here!

I just saw them tonight with my friend Sasha at Glasslands Gallery. I personally had an incredible time, since everyone was dancing like they didn't give a damn. Sometimes I just want to bust out some dance moves and really not care at all! Who cares what people think? I think it's the most liberating thing to do... and getting a haircut, tattoo and skydiving and screaming at the top of a cliff or mountain or any high altitude. Sometimes I wish my life was a musical and I could bust into a song and dance number and it would be completely normal and appropriate for the situation. Once in a while, I'd indulge in a little Disney soundtracks and I'd want to sing Belle or I Just Can't Wait To Be King on the street! Why isn't this normal?! Why can't life be a musical? And then we'd learn a great lesson at the end and we'd all sing an epic final song! Applause!

I was in San Francisco last week to visit my friends for their graduation. I was introduced to a few bands or rather I was reacquainted with some bands and now I'm listening to some awesome songs. Summer 2012 Music Mix, anyone? I'm a little bummed, because at the end of last year, I had every intention of creating a monthly music mix, but obviously I got lazy and/or distracted. But I need to be more proactive and I need this creative outlet for myself on a regular basis, I need to get back into the flow of things. In 2010 for a period, I blogged every single day and had new material daily... It was a pretty obsessive, addictive, almost religious time period when I wanted to write every single day, because it fed my creative appetite. I'm feeling the same inspirational liberation and creativity... I can't wait for Summer 2012 to be incredibly creative and intellectually stimulating. I'm so ready! I feel the words flowing through my mind and I feel so excited!

I really hope this is the year... I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but I feel like I could make 2012 the most amazing year ever... in terms of my career and self growth and education. During the months of January, February and March, I was going through some self inflicted existential crisis - completely unjustified and completely inexplicable. It just hit me out of nowhere. I felt so uninspired, distracted, absentminded... but it's gone and I couldn't be more thankful! So here's to being alive and loving and accepting yourself for who you are. I may not be conventional in some senses, I'm a such a dork, but I completely love who I am and I feel so lucky to be here, in New York, living my dream, feeling inspired... ecstatic... exhilarated... ready!

I'm going to do a Summer 2012 Music Mix! Few favorite songs: Veins by HITS (New EP), Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club, Three Trees by Tanlines, Breathe by Télépopmusik, Feel It All Around by Washed Out, Uh by Fujiya and Miyagi. More to come! Stay tuned!