De Roma con Amor

Friday, June 22, 2012

to rome with love (2012)

To Rome With Love has made me fall even more hopelessly in love with Rome and Italian culture and history. I would drop everything in New York to live in Rome. Okay, maybe that's not true, since I have a lot going on in New York and truthfully, I do love New York. But Rome is seriously such a beautiful city with a rich and romantic (and tragic) history. I would spend a summer there if I could afford it. So I've decided I'm going to learn Italian this summer with the aid of Rosetta Stone. I've always wanted to speak French, but I think right now I would pick Italian over French. I'm really leaning towards Italian though. I can't decide if I love French or Italian cuisine more! If I had to pick between Paris and Rome... I think I'd spend eternity trying to pick one over the other.

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie and by a few people's performances. I was mostly skeptical about Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg (even though he seems like such a predictable choice, young and neurotic), but I was impressed! I thought that the humor was spot on - classic Woody! I thought the four vignettes played together beautifully and I enjoyed every character's stories. I personally think it was a very meaningful story with very obvious underlying messages about love, infidelity, life, fame, but it was done in such a humorous and lighthearted way. I think To Rome With Love may be one of my favorite contemporary Woody films. I know that's such a bold statement, but for me, that's how I feel. Also I got to enjoy this experience with my new friend Laksmi - which reminds me I have to write a post about that!

I hope everyone will enjoy the film as much as I did. I want to watch it again and just try to notice other aspects of the film. I read some awful reviews on IMDb and complaints about the commercial production of Italian films and how crappy they are and how apparently you could see the boom in all of the shots! Right! I totally did not notice it at all, since I was so absorbed by the film and the hilarity! Seriously if you enjoy a film that much, it doesn't matter how "shitty" the production is. No joke. Please watch To Rome With Love now and fall in love with Rome. Ciao!

to rome with laksmi


  1. Seriously looking forward to seeing the movie. The first time it will play in Amsterdam is thursday, but it's already sold out (meh!) and there's no other time available yet. Torturous!!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see it! I love when Woody makes movies abroad.

  3. I can't wait to see this movie! I've heard such wonderful things about it. I've never been to Italy and never really had a huge desire about it, but I might find a change there. Especially since the same happened after Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. :)