Happy Anniversary

Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy anniversary

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents! They've been married for twenty six years! I would be so lucky if I could be with someone for that many years. I've always respected the idea of marriage, because I think it's rare to find whatever "love" is and feel the absolute urge to spend the rest of your life with that one person. A real marriage is with 100% faithfulness, fidelity, commitment and monogamy. Today, so many marriage end in divorce. We all know the statistic and yet people are getting married and getting divorced just as quickly.

I always thought marriage was sacred and for life. I never had a religious upbringing, my view on marriage is solely from a moral standpoint. In the last week, we've already seen two celebrity couples filing for divorce and I hate to say that one of them is one of my favorite actresses Zooey Deschanel. Everyone has their reasons for divorce, but seriously what does irreconcilable differences mean? I personally feel like I couldn't get married and see myself as a divorcee in the future. I would hope to whatever higher power there is that I would to married for life to this one person. That's just how I feel, but I might just be jinxing it as of this moment. Knock on wood, I meet this person to begin with and then I could continue discussing the potential of marriage.

It's easy for me to say that if I get married, it will be for life, but I absolutely am aware that it is really hard to keep a marriage together. There are so many factors to breaking up a marriage. Time and the possibility of love fading. Love is not enough to keep a marriage afloat. You need willpower and mental strength to fight for the person you married. We are surrounded by temptation and jealousy. Time changes people, sometimes for the better and a lot of the times for the worse. It inspires me to know that my parents have been together for twenty six years. It inspires me to see elderly couples on the street, at the theatre, leaning on each others' shoulders, going to the US Open together. I really hope one day my path will lead me to a long and loving relationship and marriage. But as of now, I am as far as can be from the thought of any of that business, but I'm really happy to be single. And when I say single, I mean no relationships and no dating whatsoever.

Congratulations to my amazing parents! To another 24 years of marriage!