Spring has Arrived

Saturday, April 9, 2011

great finds of the day

- The week started off with a very vivid dream of Andrew Garfield. I am so in awe of him.
- Started watching Shin Chan on Netflix Instant Play. Once in a while, I do enjoy some vulgar and crass humor and Shin Chan does it really well, although I never enjoyed South Park and Family Guy.
- Finally finished and published a birthday post for Vicky!
- Bought safari's sunset/leucadendron, ranunculus and craspedia for the apartment. Finally learned how to dry flowers while retaining the original color. As the flowers are drying out, leave a little water in the vase and let the flowers soak up the rest of the water.
- Rescued a cute fox from the most adorable shop Picnic on Polk Street. This little guy was on sale because he's missing a limb, so I bought him and I've named him Oliver the Fox.
- Embracing the spring season and sporting all kinds of pastel nail colors.
- Went to Irving Street with the roommate. Went to Crossroads and finally used the gift certificate and bought the coolest Frida Kahlo socks! Then we went to the quaint gift shop and bought a Sigmund Freud stress ball and a vintage design bottle of bubbles. The next stop was a comic book store and when I saw the Flash pin, I knew I had to get it... get a hold of this... Sheldon Cooper loves The Flash and I'm going to see Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. So if and when I meet Jim Parsons on Broadway this summer, I'm going to give him the pin! I'm such a nerd!
- Celebrated Shy's birthday at Fly tonight! They have the yummiest Italian pizzettas there! Drank two Shirley Temples. Wore a blush pink blazer, thrifted American Apparel lawn shirt (thanks Crossroads) and sea foam green pleated pants (thanks Buffalo Exchange, but they got ripped though, ugh)!
- Fi of Previously Owned has also started Analog Sunday! How exciting?

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happy birthday shy
green mums
green mums
safari's sunsetoliver the fox


  1. Where did you get those awesome frida socks?!

  2. wonderfum flower photos! And yes, these frida socks are incredible : is there another painter sockes. I wish I could find schiele socks or Klimt socks...so cool

  3. oh and I lovelovelove your blog. I sincerely think that you are one of the stunningest stylish lady of the web!! you are really wonderful!

  4. The fox is SO ADORABLE! ♥ He looks so happy to have finally been adopted (I'm a bit of a dork. :B)

    I would totally have bought a Flash pin too if I was going to see Jim Parsons. BAZINGA! :D

    Ian McEwan = my favourite author of all time. GREAT CHOICE WITH AMSTERDAM! The flower pictures are lovely, the depth of field is really doing it for me. And FujiFilm Instax Mini! :) I bought the Instax over the summer, and then, sometime this year, during all the travelling, it got broken. :( I don't know whether I should see if I can get it fixed or just buy a new one. MONEY: How I wish I had a bit more of it. :(

    You sound like you had a perfectly lovely day. :D

  5. Those Frida socks - amazing. And I the green flowers make me smile. Yay for spring! I need to go pick some flowers...

  6. that little fox thingy is soooo cute!

  7. I need to tell you that your blog is the most amazing thing ever, and I am depressed forever that I haven't been reading it for longer than today.

    I wish I had a dream about Garfy. He is such an adorable q-tip shaped person.

  8. I just discovered Shin Chan this weekend! And he is my idol.

  9. So many beautiful ranunucals :)