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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mint plant

- I've been a bit of a busy bee for the past week. I was working as the production designer and script supervisor on a graduate thesis film. Long days and nights. Little sleep, but no worries, lots of snacking on great food. Was introduced to quinoa and had the most scrumptious quinoa salad. When I wasn't needed on set, I was in the kitchen making some gourmet snacks like I had chips and salsa and I cut up some cherry tomatoes and added them to the salsa and mint leaves and salt and pepper. Yum! Then I made the yummiest sandwich with crumpets/English muffin, cream cheese, Romana cheese, honey ham, strawberries, mint leaves and pepper.
- Last week, I was at a toy shop looking for props for the film and I bought a Rubik's cube for myself. I've always wanted to try to solve a Rubik's Cube. Today, I was playing with it with Shy and then we youtubed how to solve a Rubik's Cube. Of course it's no mystery. You can figure it out with an algorithm. The guy demonstrates it pretty quickly in the video, so it's hard to keep up. But I can do it!
- Went to the Aquarium to look for sea creatures and maritime decor and found the most perfect stuffed toy octopus, which fit perfectly with the theme of the film. We named the octopus Squiggy! I had to take a photo of Squiggy with Kitty and Chloƫ!
- Painted two weekends ago and based it off one of Caro's photos that she took in Modesto. My roommate taught me the trick to blend: put the paper on a slant, as simple as that, but I kind of like the rough transitions of the colors. Thanks Caro for letting me use your photo as a reference/inspiration!
- R.I.P. Borders in downtown San Francisco and other 200 stores. I don't even know when it closed down, but I'm sad that I didn't get to go before it closed down. I was there so much in February and beginning of March, but after Spring Break, I just didn't go to Borders. Now I don't know if I'll ever be able to finish off the Spree Killers book.
- Last weekend, the shoot ended a little earlier than usual, so I went to Haight by myself. I was so exhausted, but I had been indoors everyday, so I decided to go outside for a few hours. I went to the usual Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange and then for a change, I decided to walk on the other side of the road. I went to this quaint grocery store Haight Street Market (1530 Haight St) and bought some fresh food: strawberries, blackberries, prosciutto, shredded Romano and Parmesan and mixed herb salad and of course, a lovely mint plant. I love my mint plant, it smells so good! I should make myself an Arnold Palmer drink sometime soon!
- Thanks to all the warm and kind comments on the San Francisco Regatta post. I'm glad it was well received and I can't wait to take more outfit posts soon. Caro and I are planning to enter the Crossroads Photo Contest. I have a photo shoot idea in my mind! I hope we can shoot it soon! I'm excited! Oh, so according to official rules, the photos will not be able to appear on my blog if they're going to be submitted to the contest. Well I guess this photo will be solely for the contest. Please wish us luck, thank you!
- Exciting news: I'm meeting the lovely Jenn of Clothes Encounters tomorrow! I'm sure you've already heard and seen the one half of the dynamic duo Clothes Encounters (YouTube Channel) based in Los Angeles. Their style is always consistently succinct and effortless. It's no wonder they have so many YouTube subscribers (nearly 16,000, whoa)! She's a friend's friend and I'm really looking forward to her!
- Lots to do, lots to catch up on!

kitty, chloƫ and squiggy
rubik's cube
rubik's cube


  1. the watercolor is so pretty! reminds me of sunset :) and it'll be cool if you were featured in the clothes encounters' videos :p

  2. yes my dear, we'll meet up this week or i'll skype you! can't wait to hear about this idea!!

  3. i've always wanted to try solving a rubik's cube but i could never do so for some reason, even with the algorithm, haha.

    the watercolour painting looks so pretty (:

  4. the watercolor is so dreamy- i love that peachy color. + it's so much fun reading about all the delicious food you mix up- it makes my mouth water!

  5. What is it about stuffed animal aquatic creatures? I think they are adorable!

  6. hello fancy pants,
    just wanted to do a drive by and let you know -
    your blog is all kinds of lovely!
    That is all. exohexoh