I Love Mondays

Monday, March 14, 2011

i love mondays
photographed by: caro ramirez (website | blog | flickr)

Change is a good thing, that is if you're the type of person who can adapt to change. I consider myself to be quite an adaptable person. I embrace changes that are for the better, unless there's death or a break-up involved. After twenty years on the planet, I've learned to embrace change (I can give it a big hug nowadays, before maybe not so much), even if they're negative. There really is no other way to deal with it. Acceptance is the key. This blog is a symbol of change. I abandoned the girl from hk, ldn & sf, because I was essentially escaping my past. Rejecting a past that meant so much to me, but a past that I just couldn't stand to see everyday, so here we are. Change is liberating, change is empowering, change can be within your control as long as you grasp it tightly with courage and determination.

Last Friday, I had every intention of writing a self-congratulatory post on how my new blog has been up and running for an entire month. But plans changed once I learned about the Sendai Earthquake and the reports were all over the news, blogs and internet. Instead, I wrote a love letter to our dear earth. I was kidding about the "self congratulatory" part, but you get the idea. I'm still heartbroken about the disaster. On a lighter note, I have decided to set a weekly schedule to add a little consistency to my blog.

Sunday - Analog Sunday Post
I will take photos throughout the day to capture certain moments from the day. I will also write down the word of the day in my Analog Sunday Journal. I will keep up my reading and painting. I will write the post after midnight, but set the post date to Sunday. I'm not going to lie, I will need to use the internet just a little, if I'm going to paint, I'll need a reference. I'll also be listening to music on my iTunes, does that count as cheating? I hope not.

Monday - I Love Mondays
This post will give me a chance to plan out my week and set goals for the upcoming week. I'll include a snapshot of my outfit. Monday is the first school day or work day of the week and many people may hate or dread Mondays, but I want to show that Monday can be a lovely day too. I want to embrace the new week, not dread it. I hope my I Love Mondays posts will brighten up your day!

Tuesday - Current Likes
I'm constantly being inspired by style blogs, inspiration blogs, design blogs and I come across great items that I absolutely and positively want, but can't afford right now. This post will allow me to keep track of all the pretty things out there. Right now I'm obsessed with: Boskke - Evolved Planting, Penguin Clothbound Series (book covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith), O-Check Design Graphics, The Photojojo Store!, the. Framed Objects and Warby Parker, hence my others link list on my sidebar.

Wednesday - Outfit Post
It seems like the week isn't long enough for all my ideas, but I do want to fit in as many outfit posts as possible, since I still want my blog to be style oriented, even though it seems to have drifted away from a typical personal style blog. I guess my blog is more of an inspiration lifestyle blog, but the outfit photos are really just for selfish reasons. I love all my outfits or else I wouldn't wear them and I just want to photograph and document them, so I can keep track of my outfits and the ways I remix my clothes.

Thursday - Love Letter Post
My first love letter was written to my hero Woody Allen and the second one was to earth. I want to continue to write a series of love letters to people or characters or places, to show my appreciation, love and respect. I can assure you I will write several love letters to Mr. Woody Allen. Next: I have plans to write a love letter to my four favorite Scottish guys we are THE PHYSICS (which is due to be published on April 28th, 2011. I first saw them on April 28th, 2007, opening for 30 Seconds To Mars. That was four years ago. Whoa. What a coincidence April 28th falls on a Thursday?!) and Andrew Garfield and other intelligent and passionate artists.

Friday - Outfit Post
Since Caro and I don't have class on Friday, I hope we can meet on this day to do more sophisticated outfit photo shoots inspired by a certain work of art or film or character. I have an entire list of outfit post ideas, but I just need the time and patience to execute them. I hope we can squeeze in as many shoots as possible before the end of the semester. I'm going to cry like a bay when the semester ends and I leave for New York. I'll have to part with Caro and Shy and other friends. What am I going to do without them?

- Recap of the Week Post
This post will summarize my week in a series of photos and thoughts and inspirational things that I've come across from other blogs and sites. Also, I will be keeping a movie journal. I will write down all the movies that I've watched during the week in my recap post and my new The Beatles Yellow Submarine journal.

Music Mixes: Music unites us as people. With all the conflict in the world, we are still united and connected through the language of music. Music is a form of therapy for me, as well as writing, interpretive dancing and of course, shopping (nothing can beat retail therapy). I think no matter what I'm going through personally and privately, I will always have music to comfort me. Music just has this magical ability to lift my spirits no matter what emotional state I'm in. The older we get, the amount of stress increases, there's pressure to have a well paid job, despite what we got our degree in, there's pressure to get married and have children and we're just getting older in general. There are so many catalysts that trigger depression on a daily basis, but I like to remind myself to just take a moment to breathe. Listening to music relaxes me completely and I just let go of the negative energy. I want to create music mixes that will inspire and comfort people who are in need a moment to just calm down. This will give me the chance to discover new music and bands, since I've been lagging behind on new music.

Consistency can be a good thing, if you're the type of person who enjoys routine. Since I'm moderately right brained, I love spontaneity (albeit a little lazy), I'm more visual, intuitive and mostly subjective. Although to say I don't have left brain attributes is just stupid, because I do consider myself to be organized, I love making lists (but keeping to them is a different story) and I take pride in my spelling. At the end of the day, nothing is black or white, we are three dimensional and complex. I don't think consistency is necessarily a bad thing, since it's nice to consistently have good things in your life, but spontaneity is always appreciated. I think a set schedule will allow me to keep my thoughts in order. As much as it's fun to have different material for different days, I think I will enjoy planning ahead and sticking to this new schedule.

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  1. I love reading your blog, very inspiring and I always waiting your Sunday Analog post, I think that's a great idea.

  2. Looks like we had a date every day then! :)

  3. oh wow! This is great! I hope to keep up<3 Also, I love the aesthetic of your blog. so minimal but captivating. So glad I stumbled upon it