For Japan with Love

Thursday, March 17, 2011

for japan
image source: alicia bock

To the strong and courageous people of Japan,

I have so much admiration for you people. I have only witnessed what the news have broadcast to the public, but I cannot begin to fathom the devastation and pain you are experiencing firsthand. A few days ago, I finally made myself watch the videos of the tsunami and as I predicted, I cried. A few days ago, I was feeling sad, but couldn't make myself release that negative energy and cry, but after watching the videos, I finally let go. The tears just flowed and my body was quivering. Why do you have to suffer? I know that there is so much devastation around the world, there are wars and ongoing conflicts, but the earthquake and tsunami have touched us all and brought us together. An earthquake and 10 meter tsunami are bad enough, but now there are all these problems with their nuclear plants and radiation exposure.

I read in the International Herald Tribune that 750 workers at the factory were evacuated, but 50 volunteered to stay behind to fix the problem. These 50 workers are older and more experienced and they said they should be the ones to stay behind. Reading these stories makes me believe that in the time of need, people can really be good and will fight to survive and not through violence either. There have been no (or few) mentions of violence or looting, people have been very orderly, people line up and wait for their turn. I think the togetherness of the Japanese people is very commendable. We need to help each other out and whether it's a small or big act of kindness, it will help another person get through their day. No act of kindness is too big or too small. A smile can be enough. I am praying that the cities and towns will recover as quickly as possible; chances are it could take up to five years and analysts have predicted that the total recovery costs could reach ¥10 trillion ($122 billion). It is so heartbreaking and I feel so helpless.

Last week when I wrote my love letter to earth, I got a comment from Hope Letters:
Many people want to help out, but other than money or being an aid worker, there is another way to help by sending words of support and hope. You can send your message online to school children and emergency workers in Japan via Hope Letters http://hopeletters.wordpress.com/. Hope Letters will translate them into Japanese and deliver them to local organizations for posting/broadcasting (when it is practical and effective to do so). Help give hope!

Social media has allowed us to express our sympathy and support to the people of Japan, but sadly, the disaster victims may speak a different language. Hope Letters help translate our messages into Japanese and will deliver our messages to the victims. I hope my words can offer them some form of support. I wish I had the money to donate, but I have an idea of creating some paintings or embroidery for you. I know many people having been creating art and posters in order to raise awareness and raising money for donations. Maybe I'll make a short video for the people of Japan, a video of sympathy and solace.

I love you, Japan. We love you, Japan. I hope that you will continue to stay strong. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

With my deepest love and respect,