Blossoms, Hydrangeas & Cats

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

essentials #1

Doesn't it feel amazing to just buy flowers for yourself and stroll around a city on a beautiful day, even though it was a little chilly - the flowers made it better. Plum blossoms and hydrangeas. Monday was just a delightful day of errand running and strolling. Since I'll be departing this city, I decided to walk around and explore different routes to my bank in the Financial District. Admittedly, the architecture in San Francisco is quite random at times. Mostly dominated by Victorian buildings and some Art Deco buildings in the Financial District, but some buildings are just unsightly. Luckily, not as hideous at the buildings in Hangzhou, China.

I've always had an appreciation for architecture. Hey, wait, it seems like I have a huge appreciation for many things. But seriously, I love architecture, but don't know too much about it. I never wanted to study architecture, since I don't have the passion for designing buildings AND I don't like Mathematics and Physics. But, I've always love the history of architecture. I'm still not fully knowledgeable with my history, but I try to learn about the main landmarks and famous buildings on the world. Also, Joseph Gordon Levitt's character in (500) Days of Summer and Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother have really gotten me into architecture and even architects (Sex Architect)!

After I've finished reading the pile of new books I just acquired, I want to pick up The Happiness of Architecture by Alain de Bottom; it was the book that Tom was reading throughout (500) Days of Summer. If the weather gets slightly warmer, I would love to spend an afternoon in the park reading and laughing to myself and attracting unwanted attention. I remember in the fall of 2008, I would spend hours at Yerba Buena Gardens, attempting to take photos with my Nikon FE2 and read. I would buy myself a Gerbera daisy and bask under the wonderful fall sun. It was delightful. However, I don't think March will bring some warm sunshine.

It's Spring Break in two weeks! And I'm going back to Hong Kong for ten days. It's going to be brutal in terms of jet lag, but I think it will be a nice little change for a short time. I should be able to enjoy a few days of warmer weather and maybe finally take some photos of Hong Kong. Since I've had my Canon, I just haven't had the chance to take photos of Hong Kong. I would just be too busy meeting friends and dining with the family, I wouldn't have the opportunity to just go about and roam the city and take photos. Spring Break will be my chance to be behind the camera.

I had every intention of sitting in a quiet café for lunch, enjoying a ham and prosciutto sandwich and reading my Anthology of Love Poems and/or Mere Anarchy, but I bumped into a friend. I think I will get into the habit of carrying around my books, so whenever I have a quiet moment to myself, I'll catch up on my reading. Even though, I've recently become bitter about relationships or rather the concept of relationships, I'm still very optimistic about love. Reading love poems has made me more optimistic and romantic - they make my heart feel like bursting. This is a good beginning to a great week.

blossoms, hydrangeas & cats
plum blossoms
blossoms, hydrangeas & cats
plum blossoms & hydrangeas


  1. you take such lovely pictures! I hope you enjoy your week (:

  2. oh waw lovely post, lovely flowers and the bag with the cats on it is really unique never seen it before : )